How It All Started

The Beginning

HLE Coatings was created in June of 2009 by Christopher Lawson. Christopher has been in the painting and coating business since he was fifteen, when he worked for his father on the weekends and after school. Christopher continued to work in the family business, until his father became ill and retired. At the time Christopher started HLE Coatings, the country was in the midst of the recession. HLE was created from the ground up. It is now in its 9th year and continues to grow and thrive. We look forward to talking to you soon! HLE Coatings strives to be the painters you can trust!

What To Expect

The Process

Step One

The process starts with a qualified estimator coming to your property and giving you a full customized estimate. There they will inform you of any potential problems and, or ways and ideas to save time and money.Upon signing a contact, you will receive a start and potential end date.

Step Two

On your start date, you will be visited by three ghosts. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You will be visited by a painter or painting crew, depending on the size of your project. Our crew leader will communicate your work order to ensure you receive the service you desire The crew leader will review the work process and will then begin the job. Our crew leader will keep you as informed as possible through the process.

Step Three

One day prior to the project end, you wil be notified. The next morning, you and the crew leader will go on a walk through to ensure you are completely satisfied. The paper work will be signed, payment will be collected, and you will receive your close out paper work which includes your written warranty. Then you are free to enjoy your new area!

Mission Statement

Core Values

To paint homes, buildings and anything needing a coating, so that people have a great, uplifting and inspiring work place and home environment. We do this by applying our core values, by providing a product that makes our clients love their homes and business’, that maintains a sustainable working business, to encourage creativity in our clients and employees and to provide a fun and safe work environment,

HLE Coatings Team Spotlight