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When was the last time your company’s location had a facelift? Regular maintenance to keep it presentable is great for potential clients, but from time to time it needs more than just a good cleaning. In fact, whether it’s weather factors that impact the exterior look, rebranding, or anything else, you should take time to fully design your look to make a great impact on potential customers. First impressions are everything. Your look needs to be inviting, but influential at the same time to gain interest. Here’s why repainting your business can be extremely beneficial to employees and customers combined.

Boosting Productivity: A business starts with employees. No one wants to come to work in a dingy-looking building. Updating the paint, even if it’s a darker color because of the brand of the business, will bring the building back to life. It will lift the spirits of everyone who visits and boost the morale of employees. Happy employees equal happy customers.

woman standing in front of business

Invites New Customers: No matter how great the business is, if it doesn’t look good there’s very little chance of getting new customers. Judgement can easily be placed on a sub-par looking building, making it harder to gain new business. Try including a bright and inviting look to lure customers in so they can see the wonderful business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Preventative Maintenance: One of the best reasons to repaint is adding preventative maintenance to the building. The new paint will add a protective coat for rain, bugs, fading, peeling, and other damage that might occur over time.

Competitive Edge: Every business has a competitor, especially with the bigger corporations. Small businesses will always have the edge because of the familiar, comfortable environments they have to offer. With a fresh coat of paint, you’re inviting people to visit your wonderful, smaller business where they will matter instead of being shuffled through a line as quickly as possible.

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Increases Property Value: Do you have an opportunity to expand your business? Congratulations! If you’re planning on selling the current business to expand you’ll want to get the most out of the sale. Freshening up the paint, especially if it’s neutral colors, makes the building stand out to potential buyers.

When it comes to commercial painting, HLE Coatings offers nothing but the best! Give us a call today to discuss your next project needs.