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Coatings Corner - Newsletter 1
July 2021 | Issue No. 1
Coatings Corner
“At HLE Coatings, we got ya’ covered!”
Welcome to our New HLE Coatings Newsletter!!!

We are so glad you have come to Coatings Corner to learn more about creating a fresh new look for your home or business!
Join us each quarter for information about current promotions, highlights of our services, updates on current project progress, and features on HLE’s history, our amazing staff, and our awesome clients!

What’s Inside:

Service Highlight: Business Repaints

Welcome Chip!

Just look at the transformation HLE can help you achieve on your project!!!
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Service Highlight: Business Repaint Projects

Are you a business owner or facilities manager?

How important are the following responsibilities to you, your employees, and your customers?

·Creating a professional working environment

·Protecting and beautifying your workspace

·Hiring reliable service professionals who will get the job done on time and on budget

You have a tough job on your hands managing large facilities! It’s hard to keep every surface protected AND keep the place looking updated and contemporary for clients and employees. There are a lot of competing maintenance priorities, and it’s your job to sort them out.

Let HLE Coatings take care of you! Schedule your free estimate today! No strings attached! Just call 937-919-8250, or visit our website at HLECoatings.com to schedule!

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Employee Spotlight: Welcome, Chip!!!

We are excited to introduce HLE’s newest Painter, Chip Updegrove! We talked to Chip to find out a little more about what he does with HLE, his passion for painting, and what life looks like outside of his HLE role.

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1. Chip, tell us some details about what you do at HLE Coatings:

           I arrive on time, prep, paint, and do whatever is needed of me.

2. What do you like most about painting?

          The immediate gratification. You do the job, it’s done, and hopefully, it looks great! I also like the variety of the work: different places and different projects all the time.

3. The work of HLE’s team centers around our Core Values:

Provide a product that makes our clients fall back in love with their home and/or business

·Maintain a sustainable working business

·Encourage creativity in our clients and employees

·Provide a clean, safe, fun, and productive work environment

How do these values relate to your role with HLE?

          If the customer is satisfied, then I am satisfied. To me, that is the most important part. And all those values are necessary, in order for the customer to be satisfied.

4. What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

          I like to camp and play with my dog. We do tent camping, and I also have two RVs. I also like kayaking, and I’m thinking about buying my own kayak soon.

5. What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

          I started painting while managing a Taco Bell. I did the painting myself to lower maintenance costs. I ended up really liking it and decided to change careers.

6. What is the one thing, you can’t live without?

          My dog, Charlie Joe. He’s a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix.

7. What is one food that you cannot resist?

          Chicken Paprikash. It’s Hungarian. Dough noodles, chicken, and paprikash gravy. I also love cheesecake. I eat it almost everyday.

8. What food do you absolutely refuse to eat?


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