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5 Signs You Need to Repaint Your Commercial Building

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Maintaining the appearance of a commercial building can help businesses retain customers and create a positive first impression on visitors. One of the key aspects of aesthetic appeal is the state of a building’s paint. Keep an eye out for these signs that you need to repaint your commercial building.

1. Fading

As paint nears the end of its lifespan, it will begin to lose its vibrant shine. This is especially common in exterior paint because the constant barrage of UV light from the sun makes it fade faster. Working with a commercial painting company can help restore your building’s paint to make it look brand new.

2. Peeling

Paint that is exposed to harsh elements is bound to start peeling as the years go on. This can be a safety hazard because paint can peel off in large strips and fall off. It also exposes your building to the elements, which can lead to rotting wood and rusting metal. If you notice that your building’s paint is peeling or cracking, it’s time for a touch-up.

3. Bubbling Paint

An uneven paint job and humidity are typically the culprits behind bubbling paint. If ignored, bubbles of paint will eventually burst, leading to missing paint on parts of the building. The paint surrounding the paint bubble will then start to peel and crack. To avoid this problem, contact a professional to address areas where paint is bubbling.

4. New Branding

Your building’s color scheme should perfectly coordinate with the branding of your business. If you’re undergoing a brand overhaul that includes a new color scheme, it’s essential to repaint your building to ensure that everyone recognizes your business. A commercial painting company can paint both the exterior and interior of your business for a brand-new look to match your brand-new image.

5. Planned Renovations

Renovations that involve additions to a building or structural repairs necessitate a new coat of paint. This is the only way the building will look cohesive. A professional painting service can often match the new paint color with older colors so you won’t have to repaint your entire building.

According to IBIS World, the market size for painters in the United States is $40 billion. This high value is because the aesthetic appeal of a building is so important, and this is doubly true for business owners. HLE Coatings can help your business look modern, attract more customers and showcase your new brand. Contact us for more information about our commercial services today!

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