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Keep Your Paint Looking Fresh With These Tips!

Repainted kitchen cabinets

There are several reasons why your paint starts to fade. It could be the age of the paint, the quality, the number of coats used, and much more. While it’s natural for the paint to fade over time, there are some factors that accelerate the process. Here are a few ways to keep your wall paint looking vibrant and crisp for as long as possible.

  • Window Treatments: Window treatments are a wonderful way of not only keeping the sun out, but it protects your privacy and prevents your paint from fading prematurely. There are several options for you to choose from to prevent this from happening including curtains, shades, wooden blinds, and much more.
  • Reflective Sheen: Believe it or not, the sheen or the finish you have on the walls can increase fading. Eggshell, flat, and matte paints have the opportunity to absorb more light which means it has a higher chance of fading. Semi-gloss or satin is better at reflecting the light allowing it to stay vibrant.
  • Quality Paint: Everyone loves a good deal; and that lower price tag can be very appealing. When it comes to paint, you have to be careful about what you’re getting. Less expensive paints tend to use low-grade materials. This means there’s a good chance not only will your paint fade faster, but it might chip, warp, and more in a very short amount of time. Always research a brand first, but don’t let a higher price concern you. You’ll be saving a lot of money because of the lifespan of the better quality paints.
  • Multiple Coats: There are quite a few lower quality paints that boast about only needing one coat of paint. As convenient as this may be chances are you’re going to have to redo your wall much sooner than you intended. Adding a couple of extra layers of paint strengthens it, which reduces the risk of fading.

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