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What Are the Most Popular House Colors?

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Is it time to liven up your home? An easy way to do so is with a fresh paint job, whether it’s inside or outside. Of course, when it comes time to do so, you must decide on a color. Experienced painting companies know the most popular colors for homes. These can include beige, blue, white, and gray. Read further to learn more about the most popular colors and how they can transform your space.

1. White

The great thing about white is that it never goes out of style. Of course, you’ll have no problem matching your furniture and other home accessories with white walls. It goes with everything. Hiring professional painting companies to paint your walls involves high-quality paint. Quality paint is extra important with this color to avoid yellowing or fading.

2. Beige

If you’re not crazy about white paint but still want a light neutral color, you can’t go wrong with beige. One can’t help but feel cozy inside a beige-colored space. Like the color white, beige easily goes with any piece of furniture or accessory in your home. If you like to use accent colors and trims, beige is the perfect dominant color to have.

3. Blue

Blue is an amazing hue that comes in a high range of shades. So whether you want a light baby blue or a dark midnight blue, you can find something that works for your home. According to The Spruce, light blue is an effortless alternative to white walls or as an accent wall in an all-white room since it pairs beautifully with white to create a clean, tranquil feel. Many people love the color blue because of the calming mood it creates. That’s why you may often see blue used in modern bathrooms; what better place to relax and rejuvenate?

4. Gray

As many painting companies will tell you, gray is the most neutral color of them all. Since gray is a mix of black and white, you can easily pick a shade that gears more to either side. Different shades of this color on the same house can still maintain neutrality while having an impactful look.

When it comes to picking out a paint color, you have the freedom to choose whatever color suits your home best. However, if you’re thinking about future market value, professionals always recommend using popular or neutral colors. The colors mentioned above are timeless and can easily keep your home market ready. Contact our experts today at HLE Coatings when you’re looking for excellent interior and exterior painting services!

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